Our year has gotten off to a good start. P.J. is now 100% potty trained, ALL of the doors that were put in to keep P.J. safe have been removed, (including the big metal gate put up back in 2008) and P.J. is starting to participate in typical activities. We bought a Wii for Christmas and he LOVES the "Just Dance Kids" game. It's so cute to watch him try to move along with the video. He is also talking more. Although it is hard to understand much of what he says, at least he's trying. He is starting to request different things spontaneousely. He will say "I want hamburger please." and there is not a hamberger in sight. Or he'll say "I want apple please" and the apple is in the refridgerator. It's not often, but it's been more than a few times.
P.J. loves taking pictires of odd things
The photo to the right is P.J. with Mrs. Ducey, his k/1st grade teacher. The whole class went on a field trip to the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary.
Field Trip
The photo to the left is P.J. with me (mom). Here we are at Adventure Island in Tampa, FL. It's a water park with lots of slides, a wave pool, a "river" and swimming pools. He was able to go down a couple of slides on my lap and one slide that had a double inner tube. Going out in the community is much easier now. He still has trouble staying close to us. But it's WAY better than a few years ago when we had to have him either strapped in a stroller or a death grip on his hand.
Getting Out
In January P.J. started attending a gymnastics class at Bayside Sports Acadamy. It's geared for autistic children. It's a small group and there is a volunteer for every child in the class. They do just about everything the "typical" kids do. Every Friday when he gets home from school P.J. says "I want gymnastics please." He absolutely LOVES it.! It helps with gross motor skills, following directions, and strength. It's kind of like another therapy session.
A New Class
P.J. loves to get a hold of a camera or a phone and take pictures. He usually changes the settings to do different effects on the photographs; color, texture, extra images and so on. The one with the green ball is one of my favorites.
More Art
Halloween is groovey...
A Little Scary Story...
Do you remember the monitor we had put on P.J.'s ankle? Well, sometime in August he cut it off and lost it. We couldn't find it anywhere. We were unable to get a replaement for about two months. During the time he didn't have it on, he scared the living daylights out of us. We had put him to bed at the usual time. He was playing as usual before he went to sleep. This night he decided to play around with the windows, screens and cranks. He managed to get the screens out, and OPEN the window. (wide enough for him to get out!) Adam just happened to check on him at the very moment he was about to climb outside...BUTT-NAKED. This was at 10:30 at night, no monitor on his ankle. Needless to say we took the cranks off of the windows so now there is no way he is able to open them.
First Family Vacation!
Well, we had never gone on a REAL family vacation. The trips to Disney were not vacations because P.J. was unable to participate in most of what we did and we were only there for a few days. This was going to be 8 nights, 9 days, and hopefully P.J. would be able to do the things with us. We asked Polly to come along to help out with P.J. The destination we decided on; Blue Ridge, Georgia. We decided on this location because of the weather and all of the outdoor activities that could be done. All in all it was a successful trip; the car ride there was uneventful and once we were there things went very smoothly. P.J. was able to participate in almost everything we did and we did a lot: white water rafting, hiking, boating, rafting, swimming, and a train ride. The only thing P.J. was unable to participate in was some horseback riding. There was only one time when P.J. ran away from us and it was because he saw a flight of stairs and just couldn't resist. Once I caught up with him he sat in time out and he had to hold my hand from then on until we got to the car. This vacation went so well that we plan on doing it again next year!